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Job Seekers

We understand for job seekers working with recruiters, the biggest concern is privacy and confidentiality – We promise we will do our utmost to protect it.

In-house HR practitioners from time to time receive unsolicited candidate recommendations from recruitment firms. While most of them are in anonymous manner, it is still not uncommon to receive named candidate recommendations. We think that such a behavior is absolutely unprofessional and unethical, and it affects the candidates, both internally in their organizations and externally in the markets of their professions.

When you submit your resume to Flex Recruitment, you can be well assured that without your consent, we will NEVER send your resume to any employers. Your privacy is our HIGHEST priority.

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“I want a professional consultant who gives me career advice, market updates and even job hunting tips.”

We understand your expectations, so we are here for you, along your career journey, to assist you in achieving career success.

At Flex Recruitment, we value every opportunity to meet with our candidates. It could be a coffee break, a lunch or even a happy hour drink.

From the initial meet-up, we aim to learn about candidates’ background, career aspiration and desired jobs, while at the same time provide career advice and job hunting tips specifically for them.

By building a long-term relationship, we strive to help our candidates match with the fittest job opportunities that they deserve and assist them in developing their career towards a successful future.